"Homeschooling" for Pre-school?

Kaelyn has been showing a LOT of interest in school and I think it’s GREAT since she starts kindergarten this coming fall. Recently  her teenage sister was suspended for the next upcoming week (a whole ‘nother story) and Kaelyn wanted her own schoolwork to do with her. So I knew this awesome woman I met was homeschooling her pre-schooler, so I hopped over to her blog Royal Baloo and from there zipped along to various other homeschooling websites.

I’ve started making her a “Lapbook” for Monday on the topic she chose from http://www.preschoolpost.com/ — BUTTERFLIES! I’m changing it up a bit because their letter to go with it was U and when we started talking she was a little confused… and actually asked me why they were using “the second letter and not this one” (pointing at “b”. When I showed her the written word BUTTERFLY.

Here’s my ideas that I’ll divide over the week (most of this is from http://www.preschoolpost.com/ and http://twistynoodle.com/ (where you can choose the text on your worksheets!!!) :

Letter/Color Worksheets (these words are in dotted print to trace and have the pictures in italics): 

  • B is for a lot! (banjo, box, butterfly, Bb, binoculars)
  • Beautiful Butterfly (butterfly)
  • Kaelyn can sign B (a hand signing B in ASL)
  • B is for Boy (sketch figure boy)
  • B is for Blue &
  • B is for Brown

Number/Shape Worksheets (these words are in dotted print to trace and have the pictures in italics

  • Four  4 (domino showing 3/1 pips)
  • Square (4 large, 4 medium, & 4 small squares)

Number Fun

  • Stretchy counting caterpillar (folded accordion style and numbers show when you stretch him
  • Matching/Counting cards (with a chrysalis & 3 types of butterflies on them) 
Butterfly fun
Life stages (a circle divided in 4 with a header to glue the stages on)
What butterflies live by me (planning on a worksheet & a trip to the North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences at the end of the week/weekend – they have a butterfly room!!!!!!!)
And she LOVES “I spy” so I found this cute “I Spy” craft based on “Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What do you see?” that we made this morning with a Gatorade bottle that she is LOVING! I have a feeling after this week is up we’ll be moving on to keeping it in the truck. We play “I spy” in the truck while on the road so here are a few ideas I have for the bottle.
  • Shake and sing “What do I see?” and name the animal & color.
  • Someone asks “I spy something RED. etc.” Shake it till you find the Red Bird, etc.
  • For on the road, we can shake it and pic the color that comes up and find matching things around us.
Other than that I’m out of ideas… any suggestions are welcome. Too much? Not enough for a week?