Friendship Fridays – True Miracles

I want to take a moment each week to recognize people who have made a difference in my life. Today, you get to meet Amy and Jackson… and I’m sure she mention’s DH, Mike, along the way so I will too :hehe:!

I met Amy on a TTC board. She was a long time struggler with infertility and reminded us to all never give up.. even in her darkest moments. I’m proud to say that Amy’s blog “Miracle in the Making” is now titled…

Click to read their story!

Her IF struggles included a “Clomid Test” which the doctors said she failed and had never ovulated. Well…they lied. She got a dark positive OPK that prompted her to take a pregnancy test and it was even more beautiful!! Click the image of her blog header to read her story.

Amy, I want you to know that I “featured” you first because of your undying spirit. As hard as it was.. as hard as IF tried to beat you down.. you stood up and reminded everyone to never give up. AND YOU BEAT IT! Jackson is a testament to your faith, your perseverance, your strength, and your love.. and he is MY reminder to NEVER GIVE UP!

I love you!

Until later! Anne Marie


Wheat Allergies

So I’m fairly sure I have a wheat allergy.

After doing the Anti-inflammatory/Elimination diet strict for a few weeks and then eating regular, meats seem to bother my digestive tract.. as in someone stabs me in the stomach with a pitch fork after I eat it.. and wheat does this:

A common sign of a wheat allergy is nasal congestion. Because of increased levels of histamine in the body, the sinus cavity can become inflamed and swollen. The swollen nasal passages block the body from properly draining the mucus in the sinuses, according to the University of Maryland Medical Center. This leads to sinus pressure felt throughout the head, such as in the eyes, cheeks and forehead. Nasal congestion can lead to postnasal drip, sinusitis and a stuffy nose. Nasal congestion can be treated with decongestants that reduce the amount of blood into the sinuses, alleviating inflammation.

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I really believe this is the case because when I eliminate wheat from my diet other “allergies’ I thought I had go away. For instance, cats. I have lots of friends with cats and it seemed like when we’d get together at theior homes and cook/etc I’d get stuffy and have issues with the cat. Well, since eliminating wheat, I have ADOPTED a cat. I don’t have the issues. But when I have a burger on a bun, there goes my nose again!

I’m going to attempt to eliminate wheat from my diet completely and add back otherthings to see if it is the only issue.. but do you know how many everyday products have wheat!!!!!

Thank God I’m a southern girl and I can have rice!!!