Tarot: Daily Freebies – Quickie for me!

I asked the cards if I would carry a biological child to term  – really just to see if I could do a fertility based reading for myself…  and I was told to get my behind to the doctor because whatever my problem is, it’s an easy fix.
I’ll do the full reading/post layout with the card like I have for the others soon, but i wanted to tell you that it was so funny that I guffawed at it thinking “yeah right” while chatting with a friend on Yahoo. I drew another card asking abut my daughter’s school year and I got essentially a second card relating to MY question about being a doubter about spiritual things and a reminder that spiritual belief can flow over onto physical health – and another fertility related poke to go to the doctor… then on a whim I did another and got another fertility related card.
I have it all archived and I will post soon but I thought it was hilarious that I didn’t believe and the cards seemed to not be taking my ridicule at all!!

Until later! Anne Marie

To  my cards: Ok I am sufficiently ashamed. I DO believe that I can do readings for myself. Now can we move along to everyone else?

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