Home Journal: 15 Minute Clean Kitchen

The Kitchen. 

It is the room I love the most, yet hate the most… when it comes to cleaning that is. I could spend all day in there cooking, experimenting, drinking coffee, and the like. But I hate cleaning up my mess! 馃檪

I have come across several “quick clean” posts, articles, and printables on the web but none were quite universal. I wrote this one at the apartment, and I’ve reviewed it here at the new place with the larger kitchen – with less storage… how does that happen??? Ah well, that’s another post! Anyway… It still works.

This one is practical, not pretty. I guess I could print it on fancy paper, but it’s functional, and really, does anything else matter?

Here’s the steps I’m using, and hopefully I’ve made it universal enough to work for you, too.

1.       Gather all of your needed supplies together:
        Trash container.
        Basket-for stuff that does not belong in the kitchen.
        Cleaners you normally use.
        Dishrag, sponge, scrubber
        Broom, mop, or vacuum.
2.       Run a sink of hot, soapy water.
3.       Scrape old food into the trash.
4.       Place dishes that need to soak into the water.
        Try to choose the dishes that are going to give you the most trouble to get clean.
        Put the heavily soiled dishes on the bottom.
        Large dishes like pans and bowls can be filled with hot soapy water and set on the counter to soak.
5.       Clear trash.
        While the dishes are soaking, go through and clear out trash.
        Don鈥檛 worry about things that are out of place, or don鈥檛 belong in the kitchen. Worry only about trash.
6.       Gather all the items that do not belong in the kitchen.
        Put all these items into the basket.
        If you have a helper (willing or unwilling) send them put away these items.
        Do not stop working on the kitchen to take these misplaced items to their homes.
7.       Put away all of the items that belong in the kitchen but are not in their proper places.
        Don鈥檛 allow yourself to get distracted by rearranging cabinets, drawers, etc.
        Simply place the items that are out back where they belong.
8.       Wash the dishes.
        If possible, grab a couple of other people and form a wash, rinse, dry and put away assembly line. Otherwise, leave them to dry until you have a few minutes to put them away.
        Alternately you can just load & turn on the dishwasher.
9.       Wash down your countertop, appliances, and sink.
        Rinse out sponges and rags. If needed, put them in the dirty laundry.
        We鈥檙e not heavy duty cleaning here. I literally mean wash down the visible surfaces.
        Don鈥檛 open the microwave and scrub it out. We鈥檙e not cleaning the crumbs out of the toaster. Just quickly wipe it down.
10. Sweep, mop, or vacuum.
11. Take out the trash.
        路       If the trash is full, or tomorrow is trash day, take the trash out, and reline the can.

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