Starting Menus Again

We’ve had some major things going on recently, good and bad, but also bank account draining. When we were lower on the pay scale, I always did menus because I needed to watch money closely. I’m going to start doing this again, at least for a few months to build up again.

To start, I went way back to my older blogs (that are all consolidated here) and I pulled up some of those yummy, less expensive recipes. I’ll update the blog/add recipes if I change anything, I may take some new pictures since Kaelyn & Halie are SO TINY in the old ones! Watch for updates! Until then, Here is the menu for the next 7 days, linked to my original posts. One will be different, because I’m turning my stuffed bell peppers into a soup because I’m in NC and this hurricane is yelling “Soup weather!” at us this week. So this menu is 5 yummy meals of soup, stew, and heartiness!

A Mom with a Coffee cup ‘s Menu 10/2- 10/8
Country Captain over rice
Chuck Wagon Stew
White Faux-sagne (currently links to old blog)
“Unstuffed” Bell Pepper Soup (coming soon)
Easy Chicken Stew
plus 2 nights of leftovers mixed in because the stew and soup make a lot!


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