Kaelyn’s 10th Birthday Ice Cream Fundae Cake

Hello, Cuppers! Sorry I haven’t been around. Life, ya know? I’ll try to be more active. because lots have been going on that I need to share. Like I got a vacation and I started selling Scentsy!!

Today my baby girl turns 10 (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) and I wanted to share this awesome looking cake I just made. I hope it tastes as good as it looks!

When I asked what kind of a cake she wanted she said “Surprise me!” So I thought about making my sister’s Butterfinger cake, but butter finger isn’t her absolute fave. It’s mine. That’s why my sister made it for me when we visited. (YES! WE finally got back to Louisiana to visit!)

Then I thought: I can do that with any candy, really. The thing is that she doesn’t have ONE favorite. Then I thought: She had a blast making ice cream sundaes the other night! Thus the idea was born. Her dad and I went to the store and picked out a Funfetti cake and some of her favorite toppings and made a FunDae Cake!

Note: I did NOT poke holes and drown it in sweetened condensed milk like one would a Butterfinger cake. I don’t want to give her diabetes for her 10th birthday.


  • Funfetti cake mix (prepare as directed)
  • 1 reg tub cool whip topping (sorry, whipped cream won’t hold up for this)
  • cosmic brownies, cut or broken into chunk
  • Chocolate drizzle of your choice
  • Caramel drizzle of your choice
  • Reese’s Pieces Candy + Hershey’s Mixers Candy Topping
  • maraschino cherries, no stems, drained onto paper towels
  • Any other sundae toppings you prefer!


  1. Prepare cake as directed in 9×13 pan (I do whole egg method)
  2. Cool completely (1-2 hours)
  3. Top with entire tub of cool whip.
  4. Top with chunks of brownie and drizzle with caramel and chocolate.
  5. Sprinkle the Mixers on.
  6. Top with cherries where they’ll fit.
  7. Refrigerate until time to serve alongside your favorite ice cream.

I made hers in a disposable pan with a tall clear lid so that I could decorate, serve, and store in one pan. I was also able to put my candles on and then cover it. It’s hanging out in the fridge till after dinner…I hope she doesn’t peek!

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