New (and completed!) lapbook!

First I want to give mad love for Alison at!! Kaelyn has been begging to have more “schoolwork” since her sister became homebound and with college, I haven’t had time to create her packets the way I wanted..
I started a “B is for Butterflies” packet.. it was huge and un-fun (for me). I had  worksheets that she colored a few of traced some letters, and the only thing she really used out f it was the Butterfly Life Stages matching game… (Note: the kid LOVES matching games!)
Here is our original lapbook:
See? not pretty! So I was surfing facebook at an ungodly hour….(3am) and tater tots and jello put up a status about these mommy packets at Oopsy Daisy.. that is if you can’t click the link. I want that clear because this mommy is our new best friend!!!!
Did you get the link: 😀
She has what she calls mommy packets for her toddler. I can use them by adding a few “older” things for Kae. She obviously spends an amazing amount of time gathering all this info and shares it with the blogging community. FREE!!! Pure love!
I printed the Mommy Packet “Z is for ZOO” as 2 pages per sheet, cut it in half and stapled what was for Mom in one packet, divided some other stuff up to add later (more songs, “play-a-longs” to go with fun kid books about animals & zoos, AND MORE! Another Note: I need a felt board.), and created a smaller, usable, and PRETTIER lapbook using 1/2 a manilla folder, by cutting out things to fit into the LB, like: 
  • the zoo animal matching game (Kae is gonna love that!!)
  • the “Z” and “6” templates
  • a song for each side
  • the mini “Z is for Zoo” coloring book 
  • a tiger puzzle (in 6 pieces to match the theme)
  • and her tracable “Z” pages
  • then I went & found a few traceable “6” pages.
A little glue, a few paper clips, and I’m done. yes, D-O-N-E! (Other than I still have to find room for the circle activities!)

I’m so excited I’m almost masochistic enough to go wake Kaelyn up.. but not quite.. I’ll finish this quiet cup of coffee first.