Home Journal: 15 Minute Clean – Kids Room

I have been promising more “15 minute cleans” forever and I’ve decided to re-start on kids rooms. If you know us, you know the girls’ rooms go from clean to “OH MY GOD!” in about 15 seconds. I’m tired of cleaning for them so they are both getting a print out of this (as soon as I unpack my printer cables….).

I made it simple, but detailed, and also gave them some reasoning and fun while cleaning, and especially when done. The biggest thing is that this doesn’t have to be perfection, and if they do it 2x a week or more, it will stay relatively clean and ready for a 30minut’er when someone is coming over!

I hope I made it general enough for your use. As usual a PDF and an editable will be below.

1.       Gather all of your needed supplies together:

  •         Trash container.
  •         Basket for stuff that does not belong in your room.
  •         Laundry hamper.
  •         A toy box.
  •         Wipes.
  •         Vacuum.

2.       Grab all your dirty clothes and put them in your hamper. They’re probably on the floor right around it anyway!

3.       Pick up the trash and toss it. Only worry about trash! Just pick up the stuff you can see and toss it.

4.       Make your bed. Remember: Take the toys off first…

If making the bed seems like a waste of time, humor me (from about.com).

  •         Smooth out the sheets.
  •         Smooth out the blanket or comforter.
  •         Fluff your pillows.
  •         Stand back and take a quick look at the bed. It looks much neater, not necessarily better, just neater. On the plus side, you’re not as likely to lose things in your bed when it’s neat!!

5.       Grab all the clean clothes and refold or rehang.

  •         This is where that made bed comes in handy. If you have a lot of clothes to refold or rehang you can neatly stack them on your bed to remind you to fold them later. This saves you a little time now, keeps the room looking neat, and makes sure you will be reminded to fold them before trying to crawl into bed  (from about.com).

6.       Pickup all the toys from the floor, bed, desk, etc.

  •         Put them into a toybox, petnet, or wherever they belong.
  •         Don’t worry about sorting out what toy goes with what piece. Just put them all into the box.

7.       Put all of the items that DO NOT belong in your bedroom into the extra basket. Don’t worry about where they go or who they belong to, just toss them in the basket.

8.       Vacuum.

  •         Don’t worry about moving big furniture; just vacuum the carpet that you can see.

9.       Wipe flat surfaces with a wipe.

10.     Put away your supplies.

11.     If you had a lot of clothes to put away – NOW’S YOUR CHANCE!

Editable Microsoft Word Docx
Printable PDF

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